7 Reasons to Ditch Conventional Salad Dressing

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3 Responses

  1. amy mack says:

    Holly, this looks great! Will definitely try this dressing. Can you tell us what is in the wonderful salad in the photo? Thanks for all the great articles!

    • Holly Anderton says:

      Thank you, Amy! The salad in the photo contains red leaf lettuce, swiss chard, beets, turnips, carrots, kohlrabi, celery, radishes, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. All of the veggies are raw and I just dice them … super easy and healthy! Thanks again!

  1. […] This dairy-free ranch dressing is quick and easy to prepare and is an excellent replacement for store bought dressings that contain toxic ingredients including vegetable oils, chemicals, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and food dyes. Learn more on why you should ditch conventional salad dressings here. […]

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