SHOP | Dissecting the Grocery Store

Do you want to learn how to shop for the foods that will best support your family’s health?

Maybe you’ve just begun your journey toward better health and aren’t sure where to begin.

Maybe you have a hunch that what you’re putting in your cart each week might not be ideal for your family’s health, but you’re not sure what to purchase instead.

Maybe you’d like to start shopping at your local health food store, but you’re overwhelmed by the number of unfamiliar, expensive choices and need help sorting it out.

I get it. When you’re trying to make healthy choices for your family, grocery shopping can be a confusing, daunting, and time consuming task.

As is true when tackling any new or daunting task, it helps to break it down.


dissect: to examine, analyze, or criticize in minute detail


In order to make the right choices for your family, you need to dissect the options. SHOP is all about teaching you how.


SHOP | Dissecting the Grocery Store


This 60 minute session is one of my most popular. It will completely change your outlook on grocery shopping, and will radically improve your family’s health.

I’ll meet you at the grocery store of your choice* and we’ll dissect the store together.

I’ll teach you how to decipher product labels and make better choices for your family. I’ll teach you how to identify the foods that will best support your family’s health, and teach you which products you should leave behind on the shelves. I’ll introduce you to new foods, point out quick and easy options for your busiest days, and share tips designed to eliminate the stress of shopping.

I promise to keep things fun, and will answer all your questions along the way.


By the end of your session you’ll be able to:

  • Efficiently navigate the store to select items that will enable you to best meet your family’s health and wellness goals
  • Determine the difference between organic and natural foods, and purchase those which maximize both your health and your budget
  • Decipher food labels so you know exactly what you’re eating and can avoid unhealthy and potentially harmful ingredients
  • Easily incorporate a variety of healthy new foods into your meals
  • Streamline your shopping so you can spend less time in the store and more time doing what is most important to you


Your grocery store session includes the following:

  • A personalized, 60 minute session at the grocery store of your choice*
  • Answers to your health and nutrition questions along the way
  • Useful and informative handouts that you can use again and again


*Not within a 30 mile radius of Laguna Beach? No problem! We can conduct two 45 minute grocery store sessions via phone instead. We’ll spend session one discussing everything you need to know about navigating the grocery store. You’ll receive the same valuable information and simple to follow handouts, as well as instructions on how to put that knowledge to use during your next shopping trip. We’ll conduct session two immediately after you shop. We’ll chat about your shopping experience and I’ll answer your questions while they’re fresh in your mind. You’ll leave your second session with knowledge that will enable you to not only streamline all future shopping trips, but also ensure that the foods you purchase support your health and wellness goals.